College Sports Briefing Episode 003: The Snapchat NCAA Ed Column Edition

In this episode I talk about how the NCAA views Snapchat and what it means for recruiting legislation of electronic communication going forward.  I also recap the O’Bannon summary judgment hearing and Northwestern players union NLRB hearing.

  1. Social media and recruiting: NCAA Ed Column
    1. General rule for electronic communications in recruiting
    2. Exceptions
    3. Ed Column discussing examples and including Snapchat
    4. Relaxing of some rules for most sports beginning in August
    5. My thoughts and opinion.
  2. O’Bannon Summary Judgment hearing.
    1. The judge spent most of her time going after the NCAA and several of its justifications for limiting student-athlete compensation at a scholarship. (Much of this reporting was gathered by USA Today’s Steve Berkowitz, and distributed both via his Twitter feed as well as this article.  SI’s Stuart Mandel also live-tweeted and wrote this article.)
      1. She didn’t seem to concede at all that the current model is presumptively legal as the NCAA has suggested.
      2. She also took issue with 1st Amendment argument
      3. She questioned the NCAA’s competitive balance argument as well
      4. Finally she took issue with the argument that restraint on compensation promotes integration of athletes within the schools’ academic environment.
    2. O’Bannon lawyers faced tough questioning about when athletes may be compensated, while in school or not until after they leave.
    3. My thoughts and opinion:
      1. 1st Amendment 
      2. Competitive Balance
      3. Chance at settlement
  3. Union Hearings
    1. Sun Times Article
    2. Chicago Tribune Article
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