College Sports Briefing Episode 004: Civil Disobedience, Alcohol and the 10-Second Rule

Show Notes

  1. Is it okay for players and coaches to violate rules that we might all agree need to be changed?  I give my thoughts and use the example of Johnny Manziel’s football autographs and Oregon State pitcher Ben Wetzler’s use of an agent.
    1. CollegeSportsBriefs article on Oregon State Pitcher Ben Wetzler and the use of an agent
  2. The University of Texas announced last week it would sell alcohol and some of its events this spring, and evaluate whether to continue and/or expand the practice in the fall.  I give my thoughts as well as provide more information on other schools who have implemented similar policies in recent years.
    1. Bleacher Report article on Texas piloting a program to sell alcohol in its venues
    2. Business of College Sports article on which schools are selling alcohol in athletic venues and the early results.
    3. article on the University of Minnesota’s first year of selling alcohol at football games
    4. article on West Virginia University’s selling of alcohol at football games
  3. I talk about the 10-Second football rule proposal that was recently debated and ultimately withdrawn. 
    1. USA Today article on the withdrawal of the 10-second rule.
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