College Sports Briefing Episode 006 – The Union Is Coming Edition

  1. Before we get into the union issues, I talk a bit about judicial review and the courts’ role in deciding law (what is the law v. what should the law be)
    1. Also, here is my first reaction to the union decision on
  2. The union decision step by step (Northwestern NLRB decision)
    1. Facts and testimony
      1. Rules SAs must follow (p. 4-5)
      2. 4+ pages on time commitment (p. 5-9)
      3. One paragraph on revenue generation (p. 13)
    2. Standard of Review / Analysis
      1. Definition of employee (p. 13)
      2. Conclusion (p. 14)
      3. Provide a valuable service (p. 14)
      4. Under Employer Control (p. 15-17)
      5. Conclusion (p. 17)
      6. Distinguishes Brown (p. 18)
  3. What are the next steps
    1. Formal appeal by Northwestern
    2. Union vote
  4. Practical questions raised
    1. Would just revenue sports have unions?  Would all participating sports be in the same union?
    2. How do private and public school athletes work together?
    3. What is the impact of Title IX?
    4. What would be the tax implications?
  5. Links
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