College Sports Briefing Episode 007: The 1st Amendment Edition

1)      The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently sent a scathing letter to Clemson University, expressing a number of concerns regarding it’s football program and head coach Dabo Swinney.  Here is Coach Swinney’s response.

2)      O’Bannon Ruling

  1. MSJs denied
  2. NCAA can’t use 1st Amendment defense or benefit to women’s sport defense.

3)      Roundup

  1. Kelvin Sampson at UofHouston
  2. New NCAA lawsuit
  3. More status quo comments
    1.  Mark Emmert: “They’re taking a seat from a paying student.” On Mike and Mike
    2. Texas AD Steve Patterson:  If union went through and salaries were paid, UT would only offer a few sports.
  4. NCAA Board of Directors approved increased autonomy for Big Five
  5. Links
    3. On Twitter @DanielHare.


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