Wills and Estate Planning

Who will take care of your minor children if something should happen to you and your spouse?  What happens with your house and other assets and possessions when you pass away?  These are just some of the questions that either you or the state will answer if that event occurs.  A simple will can make sure your wishes are carried out, and that your family is taken care of with the least amount of cost and burden.

It is also possible that your estate would owe some amount of estate tax, and careful planning can help minimize your tax liability.  However, since the current exemption amounts are relatively high and indexed to inflation, very few estates are subject to the tax and need this additional level of planning.

Finally, it is also important to consider what you would want in the event you become incapacitated.  Who do you want making decisions about your medical care?  Who do you want handling your financial affairs?  At what point would you want doctors to stop treatment and simply make you comfortable?  These are all decisions you can make clear ahead of time, so your family isn’t having to in the moment of difficulty.

At the Law Office of Daniel Hare, a will / estate plan will be done for a fixed fee (i.e. no mysterious hourly billing rates), so you’ll know in advance exactly what you will owe.  While it is difficult to provide a cost estimate without knowing your specific situation and wishes, most plans will fall in the $600 range*.

If you have a will and would simply like someone to review it, particularly a will completed through an online or software product, the Law Office of Daniel Hare will review your will and make recommendations for $100.

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*This number is based on a relatively simple family structure and planning goals, and would include his/her wills, powers of attorney and a medical directive. After an initial consultation you will be provided a specific cost for your plan.