College Sports Jobs Are There For The Taking

You may hear a lot about how few college sports jobs there are and how competitive they can be to get, and there is some truth to that.  However, what isn’t talked about enough is that the turnover within these jobs is relatively high, which means more available opportunities for you.  Let’s look at a few examples.

Position: FBS Athletic Director

If you just look at the last few months, there have been a significant number of athletic director positions turning over and opening up.  Rutgers turned into the most high profile; but you also have Florida State, Colorado, Southern Mississippi and Louisiana Tech currently searching.  Louisiana-Monroe just hired a new AD as did Eastern Michigan.  If you go back an entire 12 month period you would find more changes (e.g. Alabama, Nevada).  So while there may only be 125 total Division I FBS AD positions, a healthy percentage of them have been open within the past 12 months.

Position: Division II Athletic Director

I can give a first hand account of this example having been part of the process over the past few years.  I began my job as athletic director at Western Oregon University in April of 2010.  Since that time, eight of the ten athletic directors (including me) in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) are no longer in their positions.  80% turnover in a little over three years!  (Now, I realize many of you aren’t yet to the point of vying for an athletic director job.  But I mention these because they are in many ways representative of college sports jobs as a whole, and they also create a domino effect when they turnover.  After all, nearly every AD hire creates a position at some other school, which leads to another opening, and so on all the way down the organizational chart.)

Position: Compliance

A quick search of the NCAA Market job search board currently shows 23 open college sports jobs in the area of compliance, ranging from internships to Assistant Athletic Directors.  More have been posted and filled in recent months, while a number of new positions are likely to added and filled in the near future.  Further, an even quicker search of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) job board shows several positions that aren’t on the NCAA job board.  Add it all up and there are a good number of compliance opportunities available to those who are qualified and determined.

College Sports Jobs Are Always Available

These examples are not unique to their specific positions, nor are they unique to spring/summer 2013.  This is certainly the time on the calendar when the majority of athletic department positions turnover, but they occur in these significant numbers every year.  Therefore when you look over a two or three year span, there have been a lot of jobs in every area that have opened and been filled.  I wrote recently about a few keys to help you get your first job in college sports.  Today I thought it was important to encourage you there are actually college sports jobs out there to be had, and they come around more often than you might think.  Good luck, and please comment or contact me with your questions and/or thoughts from your own experience!


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