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Welcome, welcome, welcome!  However you found this website, thanks for coming and I hope you’ll stay awhile and come back often!  You can read more about me here, but briefly I’m a former athletic director and currently licensed attorney. I have worked for four different universities at both the Division I and II level, and currently work in the area of career development.

I’ve been thinking about starting this site for a while, and everything finally came together to be able to do it.  My hope is throughout this journey we’ll learn from each other about the various issues affecting what we all love, college athletics.  I also hope to encourage and assist those of you looking to enter or move up in the industry.

I plan to have mix of text/blog style content as well as audio content on the site. The audio will include both files of radio interviews I’ve done as well as original podcasts. Currently you’ll see the large majority of text/blog content organized into three major categories: NCAA and Legal, Money and Business, Current Events and Work in College Sports. Audio is the fifth major category but its content will come primarily from the former four.  I encourage you to suggest topics, leave comments and ask questions.  I will do my absolute best to respond to all of them so that everyone on this site, including you and I, can learn a little something together!

You can expect to see updates to the text/blog content at least once a week if not more.  I will get audio files uploaded as soon as I get access to them from the radio stations, and will let you know when to expect to see original podcasts (hopefully soon!).

Thanks again for visiting and please leave a comment, bookmark the site and/or follow me on Twitter.


  1. Jack Dabney says:

    Hi Daniel, Looks great. Blessings, Jack

    • Daniel Hare says:

      Thanks for checking it out Jack…I appreciate you!

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